“The world’s first restaurant simulator thriller is coming 2018”

As 2018 launches, so is the Steam page for Digital Window’s new restaurant simulator thriller, “Harry’s Burgers”.

The game, which follows a week in the life of burger shop owner Harry Walters, will offer players a haunting story-driven experience with addictive cooking mechanics.

“It’s our way of pushing the ‘walk-em-up’ genre forward; preserving the quality storytelling but linking it to more engaging gameplay”, said Director of Digital Window, Scott Newton.

Through a daily routine across three main settings, “Harry’s Burgers” will see players fighting to keep the shop running while protecting Harry’s family from a serial killer plaguing the town.

Inspired by the likes of Papers Please, The Shining and Bloodline, our intercontinental team is committed to producing a patty-frying, goosebump-inducing experience like no other.

Check out and our Steam page for the game’s first screenshots, featuring the gritty hand-drawn style of artist Nick Lives (We Need to Go Deeper).

While Nick cooks up the rest of the game’s art, we have also prepared a Soundscape Teaser to showcase the eerie work of our sound engineer, Robbie Scott (Baby Driver)...


Media Contact

Scott Newton | Director, Digital Window