Meet the team

Ever played a restaurant simulator thriller? Neither have we. 

Meet the team that's bringing you a story-drive experience in a rather unexpected genre.


Writer & Designer: 

Scott Newton

Scott's not a great cook. If Harry's Burgers was about his adventures you'd be boiling frankfurts in a kettle. Thankfully, we're using Scott for his writing skills instead. Comms Consultancy Project Manager by day and restaurant simulator thriller writer by night - Scott founded Digital Window to serve up truly story-driven indie game experiences.


Audio Engineer: 

Robbie Scott

After giving up both meat and alcohol, Robbie was dubbed 'most boring man in the world 2K16' and so, in a bid to counteract this, he's joined the Digital Window team as 'Sexy Audio-Sexifier'. Robbie graduated university with a degree in 'Interactive Media Design' and has since spent the last 7 years in the film industry rubbing shoulders with a plethora of Z list celebrities and A list Sound designers


Designer & Programmer: 

Andrew Capela

Mother always said stop playing video games and do your homework, games ain't going to help your future. So in an act of childish rebellion Andrew decided to make video games for a living. After all these years and a computer science degree he is still too stubborn to change his mind.


Music Composer: 

Matt Cox

Matt plays too much guitar and too many video games. One day, someone said "you need a job." So he set about earning a living by becoming a pimp. When that failed he just started writing music for games and tv and stuff.


Artist & Animator: 

Nick Lives

Since grade-school, Nick has always been drawing things he's not supposed to. From early rough sketches of his friends' with their faces melted off in 1st grade, to the undersea abominations he regularly incorporates into his recently released indie title We Need To Go Deeper, Nick's obsession with the macabre is deeply rooted. Somehow, this problem turned into a paying gig, and Nick has been enabling his filthy habit ever since.